Thursday, 1 March 2012

Praying for Health

There are many people that belong to some kind of religion.  The fact is that about 95% of Americans believe in God.  When a person is sick or in pain, it is very common to pray for health.  Many wander does this work?  There are studies today that are committed on the accuracy of prayer for health.  The alternative to traditional treatments can be used to help a person in both the physical and spiritual aspects of life.  Studies are now looking at if prayer can be used in place of other medical procedures or if it is used in connection with the traditional ways.
It is logical to say that prayer can help with your mental conditions.
However the belief in a higher power and heaven will give you a more
positive outlook on life and your medical progress.  Relieving stress in the mind is going to make for better health decisions.
 The people that pray are going to have a larger support group of others who are also in the religious manner and it will bring a sense of community to the person that is praying.  All of these can help improve overall health.

One questions is if prayer can help physically and bring healing to the body?  Studies are doing more work in this subject and have split it into three topics. One group received no prayers from a larger group, one received prayers and was told about it and the last had prayers and they
were told that they may or may not receive them.  This blind type of study was inconclusive.  It could not be determined if the patients were
praying or if the outside friends and family were praying.  It was not possible to control those types of studies.
With many of the different alternative therapy options, advocates will say that it is not going to hurt anything.  This is true for sure.  Praying does not cost anything and it takes little time.  When used with typical medical procedures it can only help with a person’s health.  The medical field was started in ancient times as a type of religion and with many doctors and the nursing staff as the roles of religious leaders.  In the world today, this is not the case and in most hospitals it still employee’s members of the clergy to visit the patients if they want.
With the studies being inconclusive, it may be very unproductive to use prayer in place of other medical treatments.  You need to discuss this with your doctor and religious leaders so that you have the best course of action for you and your medical problem.  If you are using prayers it will make you feel more positive about your condition and you should continue to do this.

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Music Therapy

The National Association for Music Therapy in 1950 was formed and it brought music therapy in the world of professionalism.  This was the root for the music therapy discovery.  Using music as a cure for a person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being has been used for centuries.  However it was never referred to a professional science.  Even though everyone does not consider it to be,
music therapy will make up a significant part of alternative therapy medicine.

There are many people that refer to music therapy for help.  These people are professionals like a physician, psychologist, or a social worker.  There are also many parents that will use music therapy for their children.  There are reasons that someone will come under the care of a music therapist and they will always be in good hands.  A music therapist is going to be a very qualified individual
with a good education and training.  There are music therapists that often work with the physically handicapped and the abused.  This is also something that will help the elderly, terminally ill and the mentally
Music therapy techniques are different and will deal with the expression of emotions for calming the body.  A music therapist may tell a patient to sing to express their emotions that need to be let out.  Others many also use piano playing as a way to increase their motor skills and other may use instruments to help a patient illustrate his or her inside feelings.  There are different applications for music therapy and making it an exciting and interesting part.
There are patients that are involved in music therapy and are going to increase their skill in using an instrument or in another part of music that is not the main focus.  Music therapy is gong to focus on the areas of communication, academic and motor and social skills.  All of these areas can be impacted with the use of music and proven by music therapists over and over.
Music cannot cure in a disabilities and illnesses.  It is a good tool when used by those that are willing to participate in getting music therapy to help them with problems.  Many use it in hospitals, rehab centers, and retirement homes.  It can also help many children that are dealing with social skills in school.  Music therapy can help in these fields and it is very interesting to learn that music therapy is showing up everywhere and the way that music therapy will be more popular in the future.

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The Japanese Cure

There is a very interesting thought out there that states that every person is walking around made up of energy.  This is known as Ki in Japan.  It is a life force of energy.  It is also stated that when a person’s body runs low on this life force, it will become easier to get disease, stress and other types of harm.
 One way to promote more happiness and a healthier way of living, the body will need to be restored with energy.  This is where the Reiki will come in.  Reiki is known as a Japanese technique that will take away stress and bring health into a person’s life through the addition of life force energy.
The meaning of Reiki is made up of two words in
Japanese. They are Rei and Ki and Rei will translate into “God’s Wisdom” or “ the higher Power” and Ki will mean “life force energy.” Reiki means, “Spiritually guided life force energy.” It is said upon the idea that the
power to control these energy forces and change them in a person is a gift that is given by a higher power.  Many of the people that use Reiki do believe that a higher power allowed them to do Reiki.  This is not a technique that is said to be religious in any nature.  Reiki is not even tied to any religion at all and though it does give many people a better sense of stronger ties to any type of religion that the person believes in.  Reiki is not any power on the belief of any one identity or person.  It is a natural remedy for disease and emotional problems that will work if someone believes in it or not.
Reiki will work by laying your hands on someone else’s body and increasing the life force of energy.  When someone learns this practice they will have an unlimited supply of life force energy to give to other people.  This may sound like a very difficult procedure but it is really simple.  In fact, it is taught to anyone easily whether they are spiritually devoted or not.
If you are considering this technique, you will need to go through a class that is called “attunement.” This is where the teacher will pass on the ability to perform Reiki to the students.  It is simple and it will not take into consideration how smart the person is or is not.  Reiki has been taught to people of all ages and sizes and it is interesting to you, look it up. Find a Reiki master near you and take the class.  It is learned easily and believed by many people as a great stress reliever.

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Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is something that is used off of the human energy process. It is comprised of the electromagnetic patterns that are used in mental, emotional, and physical responses.  When someone is sick, it is said that they human energy is in poor
condition and it needs to be repaired with the polarity therapy process.  When using the energy that is based
in bodywork, exercise, dieting, and being aware, polarity therapy is going to give the body a stronger human energy field.  This will in return make them healthier.
Polarity therapy was first used by Randolph Stone that published a total of seven works by 1954 that talked about what he found in his research into using
energy in the healing art form.  He found that touch, diet, movement, sounds, attitudes, and relationships as well as the things that happen in life experiences affect the human energy field.  He used his findings and theories during his medical career in Chicago and had a great
deal of success with the majority of the patients.  After treatment, some of Stone’s students that carried on his work and in 1984 the American polarity Therapy Association was discovered and since then, Polarity therapy has became an used a lot in the form of medicine and has been more diverse than when it was first thought of.
A person’s energy is supposed to flow smoothly and clearly.  When it does a person is gong to be thought of as healthy.  However, blockages in the flow of energy can occur due to stress or other factors in life.  When this does happen, a body will become less healthy and pan and some illness can occur.  Polarity therapy is going to look for blockages and will try to get rid of them and this will allow the energy to flow free again.  A usual polarity therapy session can take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half.  In this time, there will be different types of touch and speaking interactions that will happen.  The professional will use degrees of touch on the patient in the form of light and hard in order to help their muscles relax and this will help to fight stress.  The person will also try and make the person more aware of their energy in the body and this will help them to be more aware of the energy that they have.  Doing this will make them more calm and give them the chance to be calmer.
Polarity therapy is a great cure for so many people and has great success in the form of stress relief. After the therapy session a person will feel more relaxed and a happier person.  It is a great way to take away the tension and bring out a stronger person and help them a lot.

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Massage for Health

There are many people that love to get massages because they feel great but they also benefit your health and most people do not know this.  Massage therapy and techniques when they are done the right way can decrease your stress levels but also relax your muscles and they can improve your immune system as well.  Massages can also help to relive pain in the body and cure headaches.
 Healing injuries and retaining muscle and joint mobility are also accredited to massages.  If you are having any type of problems with these areas and traditional medical procedures are not working for you, talk to your health care provider about the alternative therapy options like massage.
There are different kinds of massages and a professional will usually practice one or two of these.  You need to visit someone who can help you with your needs. There are Swedish massages that are focused on relaxation or deep tissue massage and they are focused on loosening
muscle tissues up.
Some of the different massages can target certain parts of the body. A Cranio-Sacral massage will focus on your neck, head, and spine to get it working properly in the right alignment again.  This will also loosen up the tight muscles in the body.  Chi Nei Tsang is one type of massage that will focus on your abdominal organs and help you with your digestive pain or disease.  If your joints are giving you the problem, you need to use The Trager Approach.  This is a kind of massage that will improve your life when it is done the right way.   You can also use them in connection with the Swedish massage or other types to target the problem and relax the whole body.
The other types of massages are going to relax or relieve stress like the Rosen Method.  All of the massages should make you feel physically and emotionally better.  There are a few types of massage like the deep tissue massage that can be a little painful and should only be used if the doctor recommends it for you.  Rolfing is one of these techniques that work to align your tissues the right way and straighten the spine up.  Even after this massage, you should feel better and not worse.  If your condition gets worse, you need to speak to your doctor and take different measures right away.
The other kinds of massage that may work for you will include the Alexander technique, acupressure, feldenfrais, reflexology, Reiki, and Shiatsu methods.  There are different ways to use these techniques and you need to research them a lot before you make an appointment.  You can find out information on how to perform the simple massage techniques on yourself to improve your comfort level or you can buy a massage chair for the home or office.  Your doctor or massage therapist can help you figure out what is going to be best for you and what your body needs the most.

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